Emmy Award Winning Video for Your Business

Fast. Flexible. Focused on your Results.

Get ready to use high-quality video to:


Start with a strategy, end with impact.

What Are Your Goals?

Defining your goals is the most important step. What do you want to tell your viewers and what do you want them to do?

Check out my video demo reel to see some examples of our work. 

Step 1 - Start With Why

Why do you want to use video storytelling in your business? What do you want to accomplish? 

Step 2 - Plan & Prepare

We will define who your audience is, what platforms they use and how to create the best video for your specific goals. 

Step 3 - High Quality Production

We use the highest quality video equipment to capture the magical moments you’re looking for & with expert editing, you’ll get professional results. 

Why Kayla O'Brien Media is Different:

Video production and marketing is constantly changing. We work to develop a custom winning video content strategy using the platforms you’re already on.